The Christadelphians (Brothers or Sisters in Christ) are a worldwide community established about 150 years ago.

Quite simply, our aim is to follow as closely as possible the teaching and example of Jesus, as recorded in the Bible. We endeavour to read the whole Bible at least once every year and as a result of these studies we hold the following beliefs:

  1. There is only one true God. He dwells in heaven, immortal and invisible and all powerful.
    Isaiah 45 v.5-6; 1 Timothy 6 v.15-16
  2. God created the entire universe and has a great purpose for the world.
    Genesis 1 v.1; Numbers 14 v.21
  3. The Bible is the inspired word of God given by Him to benefit mankind.
    2 Timothy 3 v.16; 2 Peter 1 v.20-21
  4. The Holy Spirit is the power of God which He uses to accomplish His purpose, or Holy will.
    Job 33 v.4; Romans 8 v.11
  5. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is also the Son of man through being born of Mary.
    Luke 1 v.35; Romans 1 v.3-4
  6. Jesus overcame all temptation and died to save his followers from sin and death.
    Romans 10 v.9-13; 1 Timothy 1 v.15-16
  7. Jesus was raised from the dead by God. Later he ascended into heaven but he will return.
    Acts 2 v.22-27; Acts 1 v.11
  8. When Jesus returns to the earth he will raise and judge the responsible dead and give eternal life to all faithful.
    Daniel 12 v.1-2; John 5 v.28-29
  9. He will be King over the restored Kingdom of God in Israel and over the whole world.
    Isaiah 9 v.6-7; Zechariah 14 v.9
  10. The followers of Christ, made immortal, will help him to bring everlasting righteousness and peace worldwide.
    Micah 4 v.1-5; Matthew 19 v.27-29
  11. The devil is not a supernatural being but is another name for sin, destroyed only in Christ.
    Matthew 15 v.19-20; Hebrews 2 v.14-15
  12. Salvation involves covering our sins through Christ and freedom from sin and death at his coming.
    Hebrews 9 v.27-28; 1 Peter 2 v.21-24
  13. When we die we cease to exist. The only hope of life is by resurrection at Christ’s return.
    Ecclesiastes 9 v.5-6; Romans 5 v.21
  14. Belief in God’s Promises about the Kingdom of God and the work of Jesus Christ is essential.
    Galatians 3 v.6-9; v.14; v.16; v.26-29
  15. Repentance and baptism into Christ by full immersion in water and daily following Him, are necessary for ultimate salvation.
    Mark 16 v.15-16; Romans 6 v.4

We do respect that your own religious views may differ considerably, but we ask you to consider here just one aspect in more detail, namely:

  • The return of Jesus to this earth to establish the Kingdom of God and to rule all nations of the world, from Jerusalem.
  • We know that His coming is near because the Bible says it will be when the Jews, God’s people, are returning to the land of Israel.
  • Jesus himself said that he would return when there was international distress and fear – with no human way out at all.
  • The Bible also tells us that there will be war and destruction worldwide and that God’s wrath will be poured out on mankind.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ will raise the dead who have known God’s message and grant immortality to those who are faithful.
  • They will help Jesus to rule the world until sin and death are abolished and the earth will be full of God’s glory for ever.

Supporting texts for the above:

Acts 1:11; Luke 21:24-28; Joel 3:1, 2, 16; 1 Corinthians 15:22-26; Daniel 7:27; Habakkuk 2:14

In a world full of uncertainties we enjoy a simple, direct and logical faith offering peace of mind and contentment now and the promise of everlasting joy to come.

May we share this hope with you?

Further information can be obtained by writing to:

PO Box 316,
B30 1BR

This text was lifted from the small folding card entitled “My Beliefs” which is available from the Christadelphian Office